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I’m bored…

Luckily this is a phrase we haven’t been hearing lately at SCR toys since our children started road testing our toys, while we’re in the final stages of website development.



As parents ourselves we’re always on the look out for new ways to beat the ‘I’m bored’ phrase and here are a few of our recent favourites.

1. The British Science Association has some great free activities to keep children and parents busy, testing your science skills in a fun way. We liked Indoor SuperStar activity – Crafty Rafts:- Can you help Cosmic & Gem to decide the best design for a raft? You can make models out of paper. What shape of raft will hold the largest number of objects before it sinks? You can only use one sheet of paper at a time.

More information about this activities and others can be found at http://www.britishscienceassociation.org/creststar/home-holidays-activities

2. Take advantage of the windy weather, make a kite and go kite flying –  http://www.my-best-kite.com/kite-for-kids.html


3. Make a snail farm. Get up close and personal with the snails in your garden. Feed and observe your snails for just a couple of days before setting them free. You’ll need a clear plastic bottle (with its top), some sellotape, soil, lettuce or weeds and, of course, a snail or two from the garden. The bottle will be your snails’ home. First cut a small door in the side of the bottle and carefully pierce the bottle to make some small air vents. Then fill the bottle with damp soil and place your snails inside. Place some lettuce or weeds from the garden inside, such as dandelion leaves. Seal up the door and make sure the bottle top is on. Now observe your snails. How do they move and what do they seem to prefer eating? Have they made a snail trail inside the bottle? Remember to release your snails from the bottle after a day or two.

4. Make a Mother’s day card for Mother’s Day on Sunday. The Martha Stewart site has some great inspiration.